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Conversational AI

Aumtech delivers conversational Intelligent Virtual Assistants with integrated generative AI to answer common questions, perform transactions, and get customers the help they need without rigid fixed dialogue and with less backend training… accurately, quickly, and efficiently

Intelligent Virtual Agent - AIVA

Aumtech uses natural language processing technologies to automate interactions with customers and employees. Its IVA technology delivers fast, easy, personalized service through industry-leading voice recognition and digital

Voice and Video Communications – AVVA

– Improve customer engagement and personalize the customer experience directly from your website or mobile device. Our solution can humanize digital customer relations to provide a one-to-one customer

Speech Analytics - ANA

Give your clients the insights and data needed to solve critical business problems. Better and more accurate data on customer interactions and behaviors can help businesses make better and more informed decisions.Aumtech’s Next-Gen Analytics AI-based solution is a

Outbound Notifications

Aumtech’s Outbound Notification solution revolutionizes outbound engagement by empowering teams to deliver faster, improved, and highly profitable conversational experiences. Our innovative and feature-rich platform combines automation and

Virtual Hold/Call Back

Aumtech’s Virtual Hold solution can offer a call back at any stage in the customer journey on the customers channel of choice. With customer frustration at an all-time-high, providing an option to

Voice of the Customer Surveys

Aumtech voice of the customer insights allows customers to share what is important to them as a customer.Include automated CSAT surveys by phone or SMS as part of your customer survey strategy for

Services Level Agreements

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